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      is a specialized manufacturer of brakes and engine components for all vehicles, from light-duty to heavy-duty. Our aim is to serve the community with uncompromising high-quality products through consistent product and process development. The trust and reputation we have gained are strongly related to our emphasis on corporate governance, human resource development, advanced compliance system, active disclosure of information, and protection of the environment.

For many years, we have been highly responsible to all stakeholders' expectations, including shareholders, investors, business partners, affiliates, local communities, and employees. We intend to go forward with this true and continual commitment for the years to come.

Our Company - The Legend Continues

        TBKK Thailand was founded in 1990 with the mission to continuously leverage the highest value for our customers with the most advanced technology to produce brake and engine components for the automotive industries ceaselessly. With the expertise of TBK Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.) , the leading automotive parts manufacturer in japan , we are now diversifying vertically our production range to cover all major production IATF 16949 including Aluminum Die Casting, Precision Machining and Product Assembly. Moreover, we are expanding our business and prosperity to other Asian countries, together with export to Japan. As the technology goes further, the customer satisfaction goes higher IATF 16949 we are reliable in all aspects - high level of product quality, dependable delivery, price competitiveness and global standard certification such as IATF 16949 , ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These IATF 16949 of emphasis have IATF 16949 our pride for years and trust us, they will always be so.

New Subway Line Has The Most Advanced Technology World!

  • Establishment: 28 March 1990
  • Production Start-Up: June 1991
  • Official Opening: 18 July 1991
  • Capital: 243,540,800 Baht
  • Building Area: 16,320 Sq.m.
  • Land Area: 36,620 Sq.m.
  • President: Mr. Toru Hyodo

Significant Milestones


EstablishedTBK Krungthep Co.,Ltd


Started Mass Production for ISUZU and Nissan


Started to Supply to MITSUBISHI


Supplied to TOYOTA and PROTON

Started Production of Compressor Parts For Daikin


Set up Aluminium Die casting


Founded TBK Brake Co.,Ltd.

Certified ISO 9002


Certified QS 9000


Started to export part to Japan


Increased Capital to 200 million baht

Supplied to Perodua



Supplied to MHI – Pornchai Machinery
Supplied to IHI TURBO
Supplied to PT KOMATSU
Supplied to INDOMOBIL


Merged with TBK Brake Co., Ltd.

Merged with TBK Brake Co., Ltd. Under the name of “ TBKK (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.’’
Started New Product - Cam Shaft


Certified ISO 9001 & TS 16949


Certified ISO 14001


Supplied to Kubota


Started supply to MTA


Started supply Suzuki Thailand


Joint Venture with Matsumura Seikei Thailand


Started supply to GKN


Started supply Bearing Housing to ITT


Started re-supply Turbine Housing to ITT


Started GDC Compressor Housing to ITT