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Planning design, and development.

                TBKK R&D has been focused on researching and developing to enhance the performance and quality of our products. We collaborate with vehicle manufacturers and engine manufacturers to carry out product planning, development, and design. Under the supervision of TBK Co., Ltd. [R&D center], we design and produce engine component parts such as Oil Pumps, Water Pumps, and Chassis parts like Brakes. This collaborative approach allows all parties to reduce costs and shorten the development and manufacturing period while maximizing product performance through various efficiency methods.

                 Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on the design concept that emphasizes standardization of parts and processes. Our design process is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure precise research.

                Currently, TBKK is actively focused on the transformation of the auto parts industry and continuously strives to enhance performance and achieve high precision and quality.

CAD System

          We utilize a 3D-CAD system for designing our products. This advanced computer-aided design system enables us to create precise and detailed designs, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the design process.

Testing Facilities

            In the development phase, prior to launching a new product, we conduct comprehensive performance tests and durability tests. These tests simulate real-world driving conditions to ensure our products can withstand various environmental factors. Additionally, we perform a range of bench tests to validate product reliability and functionality. Through these rigorous testing procedures, we strive to deliver high-quality and dependable products to our customers.